Jada Stevens


Jada Stevens thinks its funny when she gets her cumshot surprise.  It’s nice to find a girl who has a good sense of humor about getting a massive facial.  Her friend looks like she thinks she deservers a surprise too.  I know everyone likes surprise presents. I just didn’t know that included cumshot surprises.  Open up and say ah.  Her friend must think it’s a sweet treat kind of like desert.  Wouldn’t that be funny if she got such a big load of cum that it started coming out of her mouth?  Yeah your just jealous that Jada got the surprise.  Or maybe you just think your deserving as well.

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Kitty Bella



Kitty Bella got a facial with so much cum that it’s dripping down her chin.  It basically has covered her entire face.  But that’s ok the protein is good for the skin. Why spend money at the spa for a facial when you can be in cumshot surprise and get a facial while filming some good old hardcore porno.

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Kacey Jordan


By now everyone knows who Kacey Jordan is.  She might even be more recognized than Sasha Grey after her season on Entourage. But even if she is known more for her time with Charlie Sheen you have to give her some credit as being one of the industries best porn stars.  You can’t blame Charlie for wanting to spend some time with a porn great. This is a vixen even by porn star status.  She is a perfect California blonde type with some roots and blue eyes that could even melt Charlie Harper’s heart. Here she is enjoying a big cock that has a tip right on her lips ready for a big load.

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Victoria Rae

Victoria Rae Cumshot Surprise

Victoria Rae gets her facial abuse.  But the nice thing is she is joined by a few friends who are not immune to the cumshot surprise.  They all get theirs.  Loads of huge stuff the kind I wish I had the talent to generate.  Maybe one day if I get 4 hotties like this I might be able to come up with a big one.  They certainly look like they are enjoying this hard curved penis. It’s nice of them to share and is that Holly in the back?  Just doubtful that I could ever match the loads in that these girls get.

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Helena Sweet

Helena Sweet gets a massive cum surprise

The newest episode features Helena Sweet.  She is a sweet one. And she likes massive squirts all over her.  This time they missed her and most of it ended up on her shirt.  Why she is still wearing any clothes makes us sad.  It’s outside so maybe they are trying to be discrete.   A cute blonde well cute might be understating it. She looks good even with man juice all over her.  But there is so much we wonder if that white stuff is even real.  Could be a prop cock and fake goo.  She gets a massive load of cum and a good fuck.  Typical hardcore reality porno featuring a hot babe which they have mastered with great precision and is clearly the best porno site online.

April Oneil

April  Oneil

I have heard more than one person tell me “Wow that April Oneil has some great boobs”  they might not be huge but they are perfect.  All natural firm perky boobies.  She’s a cutie.  And she got her cumshot surprise all over her tits.  Well she is completely covered but they didn’t forget after the facial to squirt some jizz on her boobs too.

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Lesbians Share Cum


Two hot lesbians take on a guy and end up giving head.  But then Diana Prince came up with the good idea to share her cumshot with her bff.  Good old oral sex from the best cum shot site on the internet cum shot surprise.

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Eden Adams

eden adams

Eden Adams found out what a facial is when she made an appearance for the Porn Pros.  She ended up getting a big cum shot surprise such a big load her entire face is covered in cum.  No one is going to argue that she didn’t get a facial after she sees this picture.

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Jessica Lynn

Jessica Lynn

Poor Jessica Lynn she thought she was getting a good fuck doggie style when the studs buddy snuck up with his huge cock and gave her a massive cumshot surprise in the face. Looks like she might have been shocked by the shear volume of man jizz they gave her. Or the guy behind her that has his cock in her ass might have hit a tender spot.  Second guess is her reaction is to the fact that they got too much protein in her eye.  Her lashes are even covered.  Maybe it stings a little when you get it in your eyes. The amount of semen on the pink polka dot bed spread is impressive.

Charley Chase

charlie chase cumshot surprise
Charlie Chase is having some friends over when she gets a big facial. Her guy sneaks in and pulls out his huge long thin cocks and squirts a massive load in her mouth. when Charlie Chase realizes she opens up her mouth and closes her eyes for a big surprise. She wants ever ounce of his cumshot. Probably what happened is when he saw her hanging out with her hot friends naked he got so turned on her had to release a cum shot present.

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